Dec 072015
Bodyweight Burn Review

Bodyweight Burn is the latest fat loss program from Adam Steer, also known as the ‘Bodyweight Coach’ on the media and on the internet. As the name suggests, it’s a program that usesnothing but bodyweight exercises to get rid of unwanted fat while – as Adam states – ‘shaping and toning your body in all the right places‘. Adam Steer […]

Aug 222015
Natural Hypothyroidism Treatment – 5 Steps To Success

Millions of people world-wide suffer from hypothyroidism… most of them without even knowing it. They experience weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, muscle cramps and a whole range of other symptoms without knowing what’s causing it. According to functional medicine practitioner and former hypothyroidism sufferer Tom Brimeyer, many people are missing the bigger picture […]

Aug 102015
5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy

Many people believe that the best ways to boost their energy levels quickly include drinking coffee, energy drinks or taking some sort of artificial stimulant. However, there are also some great natural alternatives that will help you stay energized throughout the day. Read on and discover 5 things you can do to naturally ramp up […]